BSidesNYC 2023 Villages

Villages, including recruitment partners, are located on the sixth floor. Come visit!

About Villages

What's a Village?

What's a Village?

Villages are open spaces divided up by topic that host hands-on activities, demos, and workshops throughout the conference. They are generally less formal than the standard tracks and offer an alternative learning environment from the straight talk/lecture structure. They're also a great place to socialize and make contacts in the community!

Host a Village!

Host a Village!

Interested in hosting a Village at BsidesNYC? Awesome! Please email us at [email protected]

Here are a few things you should know:

  • Villages are expected to run throughout the conference and need to be staffed appropriately (let us know if you need help with this).

  • Villages should generally include hands-on events and activities, workshops, demos, etc., and should not be just another speaking track.

  • Space is limited - use it wisely!