Event Schedule

April 22, 2023

Day 1
Speaker/Sponsor/Village Registration Starts

Come through the 59th Street entrance

General Registration Starts

Come through the 59th Street entrance

Opening Remarks
  • Huxley Barbee

  • Shweta Jain John Jay College of Criminal Justice

  • Lance James Unit 2221b

Low Code High Risk: Enterprise Domination via Low Code Abuse
  • Michael Bargury

Hunting for RomCom RAT inside of the context of the war in Ukraine
  • Dmitry

  • Jacob Faires

The Rise and Fall of the Trickbot and Conti Empires
  • Alex Holden

Building the Foundations of a Cyber Threat Intelligence Program (2 hour session)
  • Susan Peediyakkal

State of the Cyber Jobs Market
  • Adrianna Iadarola

xIoT Hacking Demonstrations & Strategies to Disappoint Bad Actors
  • Brian Contos

Hunting Threat Actors using OSINT Forensics
  • Abi Waddell

The FBI Citizen's Academy: Outreach Experience
  • Beck (blither)

Robot Cannibalism: Reappropriating Street Trash
  • Adam Mayer

Pen Testing for NOT Dummies
  • Alex Holden

Analyzing volatile memory on a Google Kubernetes Engine node
  • Marcus Hallberg

Modern Day Automobile Safety: Rescue Ops using CanBus
  • Checco

It's the Economy, Stupid: Tackling technical debt in times of economic uncertainty
  • Ariel Robinson

From Fast Food to Helpdesk to Cybersecurity
  • Kevin Apolinario

Lunch Break

Hacking Serverless Applications: A Treasure Map for Uncharted Waters
  • Matteo Rosi

Closing the Gap vs Adversaries With Community Resources
  • Ian Davila

BTC as an IOC: Using Blockchain for Attribution
  • Jackie Burns Koven

Ransomware From ATT&CK to Zcash: An Interactive Simulation (2 hour session)
  • Harry Halikias

The Job Searching and Hiring (for those with experience)
  • Adrianna Iadarola

Infrastructure as Remote Code Execution: How to abuse Terraform to elevate access
  • Mike McCabe

Elements of an Effective Software Supply Chain Strategy
  • Anita D'Amico

The Dark Side of ChatGPT: Balancing Innovation and Security in the Age of Generative AI
  • Aditya Patel

The Job Searching and Hiring (for those new to security)
  • Jacob Colacion

Save the Environment (Variable): Hijacking Legitimate Applications with a Minimal Footprint
  • Wietze Beukema

The Metrics Mess: Why the Lack of Clear and Common KPIs is Undermining SecOps (and How We Can Fix It)
  • Eric Olson

Beyond the Buzz: SBOMs, AI, and DataOps for Organizational Resilience in a Post-Log4j World
  • Jessie Jamieson

Backdoors & Breaches (2 hour session)
  • D Niu

  • Tom Goodheart

  • Dennis Murphy

Methods to stay safe and sane online
  • Gene Radin

A few tricks to Anonymizing your Red Team
  • Patrick Matthews

Broken links - Behind the scenes of Supply Chain breaches
  • François Proulx

A Chess Tournament: China/Russia Underground Ecosystem Comparison
  • Mao Sui

  • Oxana

Closing Remarks
  • Huxley Barbee