Capture the Flag


We are pleased to announce that this years CTF is hosted by the awesome folks over at , in collaboration with


  • All participants are required to access the CTF platform via the venue Internet connection. IP filtering will be configured, so no remote users will be able to participate.

  • This is not a team-based CTF - each haxor for themselves (single-person team). If you add more team members after joining, you will be unable to submit flags.

  • The CTF is a single VM on a VPN network, hosted on Hack The Box's CTF platform. UDP traffic on port 1337 must be allowed.

  • The CTF will start once the keynotes conclude. Players may set up their HTB CTF profiles prior via https://ctf.hackthebox.eu; However, the CTF VM will not be started until after the keynotes.

  • All participants will be given a single IP address and a ovpn file, which can be obtained from within their control panel on HTB's CTF Platform via Flag 1. Armed with only this information, participants will have to enumerate and hack their way in.

  • The VM contains 10 flags with varying difficulty in the areas of webapp, binary exploitation and crypto.

  • All flags are in the format ​JET{fl4g_t3xt_h3r3}.

  • Some flags are sequential, meaning in order to get flag3 you should have flag2 etc., some are semi-sequential and one is completely independent.


  • The following user accounts and home directories are out of scope: ​ch4p, blink​, ​g0blin​​, forgp​​, ​xero​ ​and root​. Everything else is considered in-scope.

  • All participants must compete using the same (provided) VM.

  • Participants should not killl processes they did not spawn themselves (e.g. - other participants shells).

  • Participants should clean up their exploits after they acquire the flag. If they don’t, they risk assisting others with their leftovers.

  • DoS in any form is strictly prohibited.

  • The top 3 players with the most flags at 17:00 ET win.

  • Ties will be settled by flag submission time.


Each winner will have the ability to choose a Hak5 Field Kit of their choice.