Call for Papers

CFP Submissions

The BSidesNYC 0x04 CFP is open from April 17, 2024 to July 19, 2024.
We are accepting submissions for three tracks:
  • Technical - This is our primary programming for the conference with topics ranging from red teaming to privacy policy, DFIR to malware dev.
  • Entrepreneur
    • Session - Tell the world about what you learned from running/growing a security company.
    • Pitch - Have a new business idea? Pitch it to investors!
Watch the video below, there are more details.

CFP Process

CFP Review
  • Our current conference timeline allocates ~3 months for our CFP to be open for submissions.

  • After our CFP has been closed on July 19, 2024, our CFP review board has ~1 week to look over and score all submissions.

  • Based on the ratings from our CFP review board, the submissions with the highest score are put into our first round of acceptance notices, which start on July 26, 2024.

  • We allow ~1 week for these submitters to respond. If we can not get a hold of, or hear back from, said submitter(s) then we move down our acceptance list. Additionally, circumstatnces may arrise which prevent a submitter from being able or willing to present at our conference. If this occurs, we must once again continue down the acceptance list.

  • This is usually resolved within a week or two, but as you can imagine, we can not send out rejection notices until we have enough talks to fill our schedule.

  • Once we have enough acceptances, we will send out notices to those who did not make the final cut, probably starting August 9, 2024. Depending on the volume of CFP submissions, we may not be able to provide personal feedback for each CFP submission.

Accepted Speakers
  • Acceptance notice go out over a month ahead of the conference so you can schedule any necessary travel arrangements. If your attendance requires any visa paperwork, please let us know ahead of time.

  • Additionally, we will be posting the speaker list and talk abstracts so please let us know if anything has changed (title, abstract etc.) A.S.A.P.

  • As always, if you would like to have someone come to the conference with you, please just send us their information so we can register them.