Entrepreneur Hour

Thinking of starting your own security startup? We’re pulling in founders from successful security companies to share their advice. Think of it as career 0day!

Security is a complex challenge across the world. As practitioners, we’re right at the core of it, and being so close gives us a unique opportunity. In an effort to promote Entrepreneurship in our industry, we here at BSidesNYC will dedicate an hour of the conference to educating our attendee’s about the ins and outs of starting a security company. We’ll pull in successful startup founders so that you can learn from the best!




Elad Yoran

CEO of Security Growth Partners (SGP)

stephen a ridley

Stephen A. Ridley  twitterlogo

Principal researcher at Xipiter.

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Dr. Ang Cui

Chief Scientist & CEO, Red Balloon Security


Vera Sell

VP of Marketing and co-founder at Senrio